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Dude is asking for a Pokemon that looks like the sun and starts with Sol. So Solrock. In Pokemon Moon he asks for a similar Pokemon who is Lunatone. But you can't get them in this game. So I'm wondering what happens when you have one in your party while talking to him.

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I don't think anyone will know until pokebank is available.
He might just give you money since he might just be one of those people that ask you to show them the dex entry of a specific Pokemon in exchange for money. (I haven't played the whole game yet but on Melemele Island, I'm talking about the people who ask for Cutiefly, Drifloon, Rockruff etc.). Of course, Solrock and Lunatone require migration so it's probably gonna be a crapload.
Btw I edited the question 'cos he asks for Lunatone in Moon: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/5ejzqg/solrock_and_the_haina_desert/

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If you show the old man Solrock or Lunatone, he remembers his home and gives you a Moon Stone. He also talks about other more deep stuff, but you can research that.

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Can you include a source?