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Right now I have absolutely no idea which version to get and the difficulty of getting Gible in Pokemon Sun is kind of determining which version I buy. Same with Beldum in Pokemon Moon. Yes, I am aware that this could be considered an opinionated question, so just let me know and I will take it down.


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Well, first off, I'd say Gible is pretty darn hard to obtain in either game (It's in both Sun and Moon): its only obtained by breeding Gabite, which in and of itself isn't particularly hard. But Gabite is found fairly late in the game, right before the 6th trial, in the Haina Desert. And then, you can only catch it when another Pokemon calls for help during a sandstorm. And EVEN THEN, theres a fairly good chance that it could be a Castform that shows up instead. So I'd say its not really worth the trouble unless you're a die-hard Gible fan and desperately want it on your team.

Conversely, Beldum is way easier to obtain (and also in both games): its found right before the 5th trial, on Mount Hokulani. Still relatively late-game, but earlier then Gible. And its really simple to obtain as well; just walk in the tall grass on the mountain. Beldum has a 10% chance of appearing, so it may take time for it to appear, but it really shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to find one.

Hope I was able to help!

Thank you! I read on a website that Gabite was exclusively for Sun and Beldum was exclusively for Moon. Is there by any chance that Alolan Vulpix is in Moon as well? If it is, (which I highly doubt), how easy is it to obtain?
Actually, Alolan Vulpix is exclusive to SUN, not Moon. And it's also found kinda late-game at its earliest, before the sixth trial, in Tapu Village in tall grass. It also has a 10% encounter rate, so shouldn't take long to find.

You know, if you're interested, I can post a list of Sun/Moon version exclusives here, since you seem to have a dilemma with choosing, and it might be able to help you pick.
Sorry i wasnt able to get back to you, and yes, it would be great to have a list. Thank you!
That list already exists on Serebii:

Beldum isn't in both games... it's exclusive to Moon.
This is 100% untrue.  I have seen multiple wild Beldum in Sun.
I need castform for the pokedex!! thanks for the info!!!! And gible too!
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Gible needs to be bred from Gabite, which you find in a SOS battle in the desert near Tapu Town. It will be called by any other Pokémon there while the sandstorm is still going on. (So don't use sunny day or rain dance)