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I saw the question "Is Gible difficult to catch in Pokemon Sun?"
Also saw Gible in the native Pokedex of Sun & Moon, so I assume we can catch it there, right?
But in the location, the answer was "trade for another game"

So, if Gible can be caught in Sun & Moon, where can I find it?

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Lol I just did something so dumb
I’ve been trying to encounter Gabite for quite a long time and I was just causualy fainting all the other sos called Pokemon. Then I decided it was a good idea for my arcanine to use outrage  after fainting a sandile a gabite showed up, and I was so happy...but then reasilsed outrage lasts two turns...... rip gabite

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There are no wild Gibles in Sun or Moon. However, you can catch Gabites in Haina Desert. To do that, you need to SOS chain any wild Pokemon during a sandstorm. Since Haina Desert has sunlight instead of sand during the daytime, you need to either hunt Gabite at night or use a Pokemon that has sand stream or knows sandstorm.

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Understood, thanks!