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I have been wanting a Gible on my team in Alpha Sapphire version, but the process of catching one is very aggravating. I have my DexNav on and I hear a Gible digging around in the sand. Every time I get near it, it digs again to another spot, and after four or five times of that, he runs away. So, is there another way to obtain Gible, or at least an easier way to do it without having to go through all of this trouble? Thanks.

Here is some extra info just Incase if it matters.

I have the National Dex

I have not beaten the main game.

transfer from a different game
I can trade you 1 for free

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No, Gible is DexNav exclusive in Alpha Sapphire and there is no easier way to encounter it in the wild. You can trade/transfer from other games, but there is no easier way of catching it in Alpha Sapphire.