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So basically, what Burn Up does is deal massive damage and then take away the Fire-type from the user (a Pokémon that is not a Fire type cannot use burn up. This makes it so that you have to switch out in order to use the move again. But, this is when hackmons saves the day (funnily enough this strategy can happen in double battles too by the use of Skill Swap/Entrainment).
What if you gave the Pokémon using Burn Up the Ability Protean, would it be able to become a Fire-type again and use Burn Up, or would this fail majorly?

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Also #Nebby because of reasons
Also, if you want to use this for Showdown!, you should know that protean is banned in hackmons.
Since when???
I run protean all the time
Probably only since Generation 7.

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It's confirmed to work, but there should be better moves than burn up.
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It actually does work, as I tested using a Pokemon that is fire type and a Pokemon that is not fire type

Battle 1(Using Magikarp)

Battle 2(Using Charmander)

They both have the fire type after using Burn Up a few times.

Source: Above links

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