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Why are Japanese breeders from Sun and Moon, highly flooding wonder trades with Abra? They also choose quick ball. The natures don't make much sense either. They aren't modest or timid natures for the most part.

Can someone explain or theories why they are flooding wonder trades with Abra on a Quick Balls?

Calm, Rash, Lax, Gentle; Adamant: some of the natures I've noticed.

Synchronize, perhaps?

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I'm pretty sure Astronautical is right. They are hunting for Abra with Synchronize for breeding purposes. I'm doing the same thing, but not wonder trading them cause they are kind of useless.

Synchro makes it easier to catch Dittos with the nature's that breeders are looking for.

They are in quick balls because they instantly catch Abra so they don't have a chance to use Teleport. The ones being thrown up on wonder trade are Abra with Inner Focus, or duplicates.

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2 options:

They're catching pokémon for the global mini quest online (we have to catch 100'000'000 pokémons before 12/12/2016) and send them into Wonder trade to get free breeded pokémons

Synchronize to get pokémons with some natures in the wild, most of the mons this gen are slow, so people tend to use Trick Room, the slower your pokémon is the faster it will be under trick room, that migt be whi some ppl get abra with speed- nature