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Xerneas looks like a Y, but I don't know why?
Here's a Sprite of it.


Also, Xerneas must spread its legs so that it look like an X. But Yveltal does not need to do anything to become a Y. Is there a reason for this?

I'm not sure why you care. It's simply a design choice, why must Xerneas always have to spread it's legs in order to represent X? It doesn't mean a thing.
Its up to people's choice to ask questions. Anyways, there is a selected answer. I'm just asking if there is a reason for this. I'm not sure why you care.
Why'd this question receive so much hate? Its a legitimate question, I was wondering the same thing when X and Y came out.

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It could, I guess. Not should, but could. The sprite / design is kind of stretching far. It is kind of hard to come up with a purely X shaped design, at least to the extent as Yveltal's Y design.

Further, it goes a little beyond just the shape of the Pokemon. Xerneas is the more 'feminine' of the two, what with being Fairy type and all. This might imply something regarding chromosomes (Female being XX whereas Male is XY), whereas Yveltal, the more 'masculine' is associated with the Dark type. Stereotypical? Probably. However, it does make sense.

It's further important to note that this is a game made for the younger kids, so it's probably like, to quote a book, looking for depth in a shallow stream.

Besides, without its stately neck (which imparts the Y shape more than anything), you gotta agee, Xerneas looks kinda dumb.

Sorry, my MS Paint skils are rusty at best.


Xerneas, along with Yveltal, was designed by art designers Ken Sugimori and Yusuke Ohmura. Initial design for the two Legendary Pokémon was started by Sugimori, but he encountered "artist's block", having a hard time coming up with concepts. For the first time, he gave the work over to another designer, Ohmura. Ohmura furthered the designs, after which Sugimori resumed to finish them.

from Bulbapedia

So you can tell they were running out of ideas.

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Thanks for the edit. I felt something was off, but couldn't see where.
i didn't know know this had to do with chromosomes. But anyways thanks for a detailed answer.
Well, there is a symbol of the DNA in the Japanese symbol. I had fun w/ the Xerneas though :P

It was my first attempt, and I'm glad it came out as fun as it did :D
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It isn't as obvious as Yveltal's Y design, but Xerneas has X's in its eyes

Thanks for answering, but does Yveltal has a Y in its eyes?