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My Ditto won't breed with my Decidueye and I don't understand why it can't.

What is the day care man saying? If it's something to the effect of 'They don't get along very well', they will breed eventually it will just take longer, while 'They prefer to play with other Pokemon' means they actually won't breed
There are already so many questions regarding this. Did you read any of them?

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He's a new member here, I don't think he read those.
You could try get them closer in level. You don't give much info for us to solve your dilemma.
I've had the same problem except that my Lunala won't breed with ditto ( In Pokemon Moon ) So I won't be able to trade for a Solgaleo!   The Ditto is Lv. 26
                            The Lunala is Lv.59        And the woman says "Alola! Ditto and Nebby are doing just fine! They don't seem to                                                                                                                            like playing together, though."
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If the daycare man says: "The two don't seem to like each other very much" means that they can breed, but it's a devastating 20%.

If the daycare man says: "The two seem to play with other Pokemon rather than the two" (or something like that, sorry I do not have a 3ds.) means that they cannot breed.

If the daycare man says: "The two seem to like eachother very much" I'm not sure what chances are but it's pretty high.

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