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So I have the Official National Pokedex for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which was the book that contained all of the information such as how to evolve Pokemon, what moves they could learn, what abilities they had, etc., for all Pokemon up to Diancie. This was NOT the in-game strategy guide, which is what's out for Sun and Moon right now, telling how to beat the game: i.e. battling trainers, what to do/where to go.

Does anyone know when the Official Dex for Sun and Moon will be available? Maybe along with the update in January for Pokemon Bank?

I don't have internet, so the only time I can look stuff up or ask questions on here is when I'm at the public library, which isn't always practical....which is why I love the book edition so much. :) thanks

There is one coming out, but I don't know when.  They released it this way for X/Y too, if memory serves, with the strategy guide first then the Pokedex later.  There was a flyer in my strategy guide advertising the Pokedex.  But I didn't really look at it, because I don't intend to buy it.
Haha okay, fair enough.  ;)  Thanks!

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The official Alola Pokedex is out on February 28, 2017. It will come with a post-game adventure guide as well.

Hope I helped. :)