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In Gen IV Johto rematch and in Gen V rematch

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With or without holding items that increase EVS(Macho Brace Power Items)?
Without any modifiers.

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Gen IV Rematch:
Total EVS in:

SP Attack-6+1+1+2+3=13 EVS
HP-0+5+2+0+0=7 EVS
ATTACK-0+3+6+5+11=25 EVS
DEFENSE-3+0+0+1+0=4 EVS
SP DEFENSE-3+0+4+3+2=12 EVS
SPEED-1+4+0+1+0=6 EVS

GEN V Rematch:
Total EVS in:

SP ATTACK-3+0+5+0+6=14 EVS
HP-2+0+2+2+0=6 EVS
ATTACK-2+7+0+11+6=26 EVS
DEFENSE-2+3+4+0+0=9 EVS
SP DEFENSE-2+1+3+0+0=6 EVS
SPEED-2+2+0+0+2=6 EVS.

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