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I would like to hunt for every legendary I can in Platinum, but I'm worried about the roamers and ones that release in groups. Like, for example, if I go for Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, and I reset until at least one is shiny, can I knock the non-shinies out and reset by defeating the Elite 4 again, or are the other gone for good?

Furthermore, if I release the legendary birds and one is shiny while the others aren't, is using the Elite 4 as a resetting method something I can do multiple times, or is it only once? I've never done this before, and everyone I've found seems to just say "reset with the E4 to get whatever Pokemon you knocked out back" but I've never found answers to my above questions. Thank you!!

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You don't have to worry about Uxie or Azelf, at least; they aren't roaming encounters.
but they do respawn tnru E4 in Platinum

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In gen 4, defeating the Elite 4 will not reset living roaming Pokémon. I reset Latias after killing it in Heart Gold to get a decent nature, and the other roaming Pokémon, Raikou, was unaffected. You can do it as many times as you want. I probably ended up doing it around 50 times.

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