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In Pokemon Sun I have a Solgeleo which was Nebby from Lillie and I got one that evolved from cosmog (after 999999 hours). So now I wonder which one I should trade, Nebby cant learn splash anymore and I want Z-splash (its better then it sounds). But I would feel bad if I traded Nebby away for a Lunala. What should I do?

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Can't Solgaleo learn splash from the move relearner?
No. The move relearner can only teach moves learned by that specific species of Pokemon, ignoring its pre-evolutions. Also, z-splash only works once. It's easy to be completely nullified by haze or whirlwind, and you have a useless move and a useless item after you're done using it.

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Trade the cosmog z splash may rise your attack by three stages but nebby even with that is out classed by other okemon so trade the cosmog

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