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The Lunala that was Nebby has Decent potential, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Defense are Best, HP, Attack and Speed are Decent. The second Lunala you can get from the Cosmog has Outstanding potential, Hp, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def and Speed are Best, Defense is Very good and Attack is Pretty good.

Obviously it's more logical to keep the second Lunala and trade Nebby for a Solgaleo, but I would feel really guilty doing that, I got really attached to it during the story.
Also I wasn't sure if there might be repercussions in game with Lillie if I did trade Nebby.
Sorry for the text wall.

Which should I trade?
Thank you.

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Oh if that's the case, it's ok lol.
Thank you for understanding.
You're obviously active enough to check this question, so why don't you tell us their natures?
Sure thing, I'm laid up from surgery anyway, hence being able to check this so often. Ok, Nebby's nature is Mild and its characteristic Mischievous, and Luna's nature is Jolly and its characteristic is Somewhat vain.

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Lunala's only good use is as a special attacker. Mild increases special attack, and jolly decreases it. Therefore, mild is better on Lunala. Keep the mild Lunala.

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