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What day in January will Pokebank be available for Sun and Moon

'Early January'
word on the street is that it could be around the last week in January
This question is unanswerable. They won't tell us, and I'm 99% sure it's because they're afraid they're wrong.
well it better be released soon! cause I WANT MY LEVITATE GENGAR!!!!!!!! i don't know why they even took out the levitate ability for this pokemon!!!!
A Levitate Gengar won't keep Levitate once you transfer it, it will be replaced with Cursed Body.
How do you know this?
That's just how it works

2 Answers

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January 24th.

How do I know?

Because it's out RIGHT NOW baby!

Wait what. (Rushes to 3ds.)
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No one knows...... yet. But it will be 22nd-31st. [EDIT] OUT IN AMERICA

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