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Sylveon and Salamence don't get Hyper Voice in Sun/Moon, and Mega Gardevoir isn't available, so I would say Bulletproof. But I'm not an expert on competitive battling.
For me both works great actually if it's in-game. For competitive battling I'm not too sure. All I know is that Sylveon gets Pixilate, Salamence Mega gets Aerilate, Gardevoir Mega gets Pixilate, Altaria-Mega gets Pixilate. And they could use Hyper Voice in Gen 6 I think.

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To be honest, not that many Pokemon have sound based moves in the main story, and bulletproof is really useful considering the many moves it resists. I think that Kommo-o would be better off with bulletproof in game, but not really sure about competitive.

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Bullet proof, since most people will be using moon blast over dazzling gleam

Do you mean Hyper Voice? Soundproof doesn't block Dazzling Gleam.
No Pokemon can get pixilated hyper voice or aerilate hyper voice so yea, there only other choice is to use dazzling gleam or moon blast
That won't be true when PokeBank rolls out soon and Hyper Voice Sylveon and Salamence get migrated in. Soundproof may have real utility then, as very little of what Bulletproof blocks is something Kommo-o is weak to.
It won't be legal in VGC, but regular Battle Spot and Smogon I assume it will.