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I've just caught a Mareanie, but it has the ability Limber and its nature is Quirky - which is pretty much useless- So should I keep it or not? And if not, what would be a good nature for Mareanie?

Edit: This is mainly competitive, even though I may use it in-game a little, thankies in advance c:


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You're better off SOS Chaining, to be honest. Try and get a Regenerator Toxapex. That thing is a beast.

Although, it's not a issue. Thunder Wave is still common despite the accuracy drop, and is often used to cripple it. I think Will-o-wisp is more frequent, but whatever.

If you find it too time consuming to get another, then stick with it. To be honest though, Merciless is still a better ability, overall.

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actually, merciless toxapex is more of a beast. sure regenerator is a good ability, but with merciless, you can use baneful bunker (toxapex's special move) and either poison the target or just protect yourself. and if the target does get poisoned, head in there with poison jab or venoshock and get a bunch of critical hits. this it the toxapex i use (moveset and item only)
Toxapex/Nickname: Ashley/ Item: poison Barb/ Ability: Merciless
Baneful Bunker
Poison Jab
Scald (im thinking or replacing that with either Liquidation or Waterfall)
So yeah try Merciless toxapex