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I want places where I don't have to run half of the appearing pokémon.

In the EV page of the database there are links to questions regarding this... but its outdated and does not have anything for Sun/Moon.
Exactly. That's why I asked!

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best EV training spots/Pokémon

HP: Caterpie - route 1 - 1 EV
Attack: Yungoos/pikipek - route 1 - 1 EV
Defense: Roggenrola - Ten Carat Hill (cave) - 1 EV
Special Attack: Psyduck - Brooklet Hill - 1 EV
Special Defense: Tentacool - melemele sea - 1 EV
Speed: Spearow, Cutiefly - route 3 - 1 EV

Note: if your Pokémon has Pokerus and is holding a power item,
you need to defeat 7 SOS called Pokémon to max out that certain EV stat

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=LLe_7_zEmNK8m-tD55eUGbiQ&v=v9oBTNzY980

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