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Say, if I have a Pheromosa on the field and Ditto transforms into it, will Ditto technically count as a UB? I mostly wanna know so I can get one in a Beast Ball.

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It will not, because it's still a ditto, only it transformed. It will not have the same catch rate with a beast ball, but if you really wanted to, use false swipe and hypnosis, it will have much higher catch rate. Also, if you have a ditto, it will NOT breed a beast ball down, if that's what you wanted to achieve.

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I'm almost sure ultra beasts can't breed.
They can't

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I wanted a shiny one in a Beast Ball for Lolz, I already have all the pokemon I want to breed in a beast ball.
Once I got a Gible in a Beast Ball from Wonder Trade.
@sumwun you can still catch pokemon in beast balls.
WHY IS THIS A QUESTION? it started as a ditto and it will be a ditto before and after, no matter what pokemon it copies. so why did you ask this? this is literally the most obvious question i've seen on this site in a long time
Don't judge people's curiosity.
hm. good point. but still, i think it's kind of a ridiculous question. to me at least