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On YouTube I saw a video with leaked shinies, the youtuber also talked about Adhesive's evolution. Now I wonder: is 'Naganadel' real?

This has information we don't know.
This info was leaked days ago. Regardless of that I'm quite okay leaving it up until we know for sure anyway.
This question is already past the SPOILER ALERT zone...and it has been confirmed.

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Yes, take a look at this video. Here, John, AKA PokeMen talks about the future, SPOILERS, move tutor moves in USUM. He links this list, which shows us the different moves each Pokémon can learn through these tutors. In it, they show us the new UBs, Mythical, and Adhesive's evolution's stats and moves.

To answer your question, Adhesive's evolution is real and evolves "after Dragon Pulse is learned".

You will receive a level 40 Poipole from the Ultra Recon Squad after defeating Ultra Necrozma and, to evolve it, go to the Move Relearner on Mount Lanakila to teach it Dragon Pulse.

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The first video said it hinted at Adhesive having an evolution. It didn't said that it does evolve. Also, I don't see what the second video has to do with whether or not Adhesive evolves.
Then why did you put those videos into your answer, despite them giving almost no proof that Adhesive evolves into Naganadel?
that first video link takes you to an egg move thing unrelated to UB Adhesive
The first vid talks about the move tutor moves, which directs to the pastebin article regarding it. This article shows a part about Naganadel.