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I know that stakataka is a wall, naganadel is a wasp, (and blacephalon is a disco ball?) but is there some cool mythology or clever ideas around these Pokémon designs?

I'm sure this question has already been asked, but I can't seem to find the previous one.
Pretty sure that was someone asking what Zeraora was based on
It was me! I hid the question because, even if I asked my answerer to edit it, he didn't tell me what they were actually based on. All me told me was what their name etymology was; what their names come from.
Naganadel is a glue bottle, and Blacephalon is probably based on a clown and a ghost that can remove its head.
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Sorry, I didn't know this question was asked. I looked for one like it but didn't find anything.
The Jason person just said he hid the question.
Stakataka sort of reminds me of Zygarde... "each one appears to be made up of many life-forms stacked one on top of each other." Like Zygarde Cells!

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From these YouTube videos, they help us with the pronounciation of these new UBs.

Naganadel's name comes from the words "Nāga" (an ancient snake/cobra that spit dangerous poison) and "Nadel" (German for needle).

Nāga=(an ancient snake/cobra that spit dangerous poison)

Stakataka's name comes from a corruption of "stack" and "attack".

Ultra Moon Dex Entry: When stone walls started moving and attacking the brute's true identity was this mysterious life-form, brings to mind an Ultra Beast.

Blacephalon's name comes from a play on the word "Blasphemy", "Blaze" or "Blast", and the Greek word "Cephalos" (κεφαλος), which means head.

It's Japanese name, "Zugadon", literally means "Head Goes Boom". It's French name, "Pierroteknik", is a misspelling of "Pyrotechnic". It's German name, "Kopplosio", is a mix of "Kopf (head)" and "explosion".

Due to its clown-like appearance and strange movements, several fans compared Blacephalon to Stephen King's novel character Pennywise.
It has some characteristics of fireworks. It is also based on a clown.

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Stakataka is also based on a yokai- Mokumokuren and a Nurikabe.