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How does the speed tier aspect come into picture when a Pokemon has a ability which will priorotize its moveset and on the other hand there is a Pokemon with chocie scarf?
Talonflame is faster than blacephalon


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Priority can not be outsped by anything but other priority, switching out, or using an item. Choice scarf doesn’t give priority, so talonflame will go first, because gale wings will give talonflame priority


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Since Gale Wings gives priority to Flying type moves when the user's HP is full, Acrobatics will always go first because Talonflame is using a priority move and Blacephalon doesn't have access to any priority moves.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Gale_Wings_(Ability)

Note: Even if Blacephalon had a priority move and Talonflame used its priority move, whichever pokémon had a higher speed would move first, or in this case, Talonflame.
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So Gale wings would not give priority to flying time moves if its HP is not full right?  In that case blacephalon with choice scarf could go first right?
Yes.  If Talonflame did not have full HP, Flying Type moves won't have priority.  In this case, yes, Blacepalon could go first.  I calculated it, and the only way Blacephalon could go first is if it had the max possible speed and Talonflame had a neutral nature with 23 IVs in Speed or less, or had a Speed decreasing nature.  Hopefully that makes sense.