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Can Alolan Marowak benefit from holding a Thick Club or does it only work on normal Marowak?

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If you have an ordinary ground type Marowak from all regions except alola and have it hold a Thick Club it will have higher attack but I wanna know if it also boosts the attack of an Alolan Marowak, the ghost-fire one. Plz dont give an answer unless you know for sure and have good evidence.

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It works with alolan marowak as well.

Source: Personal Experience

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Yes. Thick Club works with ALL Cubone and Marowak. This includes A-Marowak as well. After all, it IS still a Marowak. If you plan on having it hold one, it is a great choice and a wise decision.

Refer to current and previous Pokemon guides, and type in Thick Club, or other sites like Smogon, Serebii, Bulbagarden, etc for more answers and research.

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Don't anwser if you don't add more information, and it's bad to just ask the asker to search stuff like Bulba or Serebii.
I see you are still necro-posting. At least this is only 2 months ago.