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I have Goomy with gentle nature and gooey ability.
My team consists of Incineroar and Decidueye.

Is this in-game? Or competitive? If it's competitive, is it OU? Can you provide more information about your team?
It's in-game.
My team consists of
Arcanine  Quiet nature
Incineroar Lonely nature
Decidueye  Lonely nature
Ninetales Serious nature
Doublade Relaxed nature
I just started playing the game
Lol for In-game it doesn't matter...

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------------------------------Defense---------Special Defense------ Total
Dragonite: ---------------------95---------------100------------------ 195

Tyranitar: ----------------------110--------------- 100----------------- 210

Salamence: -------------------80---------------- 80------------------- 160

Metagross: -------------------130 --------------- 90 ------------------- 220

Garchomp: --------------------95---------------- 80------------------ 180

Hydreigon: --------------------90----------------- 90 ------------------- 180

Goodra: ------------------------70------------------ 150---------------- 220

Kommo-o: ---------------------125 ----------------- 105---------------- 230

Looking at everything, Kommo-o actually has the best defenses overall, so it should be ur wall. But if you want a special wall, go with goodra, or a physical wall, get metagross. Hope I helped!

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You have to look at HP too.
Using Metagross for a wall is such a waste lol