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Simply put: SOS Chaining

If you keep up a long enough chain, there's a chance that the Bounsweet called will have its hidden ability. Specifically, after 10-19 Bounsweets, theres a 5% chance of it having its Hidden Ability. 20-29 brings it to 10%, and 30+ puts it to 15%. But since you have no way of knowing whether it has the right ability or not, I'd recommend getting a Parasect, and teaching it False Swipe, Spore, and a damaging move. Sweet Veil prevents sleep, so you can use Spore to tell, and False Swipe keeps the chain in motion.

Hope I could help!

Entrainment works too, to check the ability..
@Squaaaaaaaaw -- I don't think that strategy will work.  Doesn't Spore count as a powder move, which all Grass types are immune to?
Shoot, you're right, it wouldn't work... Entertainment would definitely be better then. Thanks for pointing that out!
A good Pokemon for SOS Chaining is Pangoro- it can learn False Swipe and Entrainment, and its HA is Scrappy, meaning False Swipe will work on Ghost-types too.