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So I was contemplating whether to keep pikachu and use 10,000,000 million volt thunderbolt, or evolve it and use stoked sparksurfer. I wanted to try both, but I don't understand how to get it, since it says something about a hat. Is a pikachu with a hat an event Pokemon? Also, Could someone tell which of the 5 z-moves I'm thinking of using is best, and which evolution is best?

(z-moves are: catastropika, 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt, stoked sparksurfer, gigavolt havoc, shattered psyche)

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lol you genned a ash pikachu?

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the z-move 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt is an exclusive z-move that requires the pikashunium z(different from pikanium z). this item is unreleased and will be available during an event in which a pikachu wearing ash's hat will be distributed (believed to be ash-pikachu like ash-greninja). This move was discovered from a leak and will have a high crit-ratio.

for now I recommend using alolan-raichu's exclusive z-move stoked spark surfer I will update this when ash-pikachu is realeased.

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yeah, but what about my other question...?
Sorry, my bad. Great answer thx
Pikachu isn't any good without the light ball. So that's two useless z crystals.
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well 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt is just a strong z-move used by a weak Pokemon. anyway, you cant even get the Pokemon that can use that z-move because ash-pikachu is an event Pokemon but the event hasnt happened yet and you can only get it through hacking for now

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offensive. also, i asked TWO questions, not just one...