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I got a Zoura egg in generation V and I've been cycling back and forth for an hour. How long does it take to hatch this thing?

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Bike faster then :D
-- in B/W it only has 1 gear...move

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It takes 6400 steps to hatch a Zorua egg.

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Thts alot...
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It takes 6400 steps to hatch one but if you have a Pokemon with flame body as its ability it halved.

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Ok ill look for a pokemon with flame body
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6400 steps, use a pokemon with Flame Body to make it 3200 steps

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6400 steps but if you have heart gold/soul silver you can trade a raiku entei or suicune over to black and white. then you have permission to lostlorn forest a character will talk to you and if you explore the forest soon you will find 1 of the 3 legendary dogs if you walk up to it it will battle you it is actually a zoroark and its at level 25

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I kno but I cant get shiny versions