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Hi, I'm trying to breed for Eevees, but my (female) Castform and my (male) Eevee "prefer to play with other Pokemon"

Does anybody know why this is?


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Eevee is in the Field egg group. Castform is in the Fairy and Amorphous egg groups. The only way two Pokémon can breed are if both are in the same egg group, or one of them is a Ditto (also, neither can be in the Undiscovered egg group). Castform and Eevee aren't breeding because the game's mechanics do not allow it.

Ah, I was under the impression that a Castform could breed with anything so long as it was of the opposite gender... Am I right in remembering that back before the Fairy type, Castform would have had no problems breeding with an Eevee? I used to breed everything with my Castform in my original Sapphire
Are you sure you're not thinking of Ditto?
I'm positive, I did not manage to obtain a ditto in my original Sapphire game. I bred a lot on that game, and I am adamant that my old Castform would breed with anything I put with it, so long as it was of another gender. This is how I managed to get the "baby" pokemon (Pichu, Cleffa etc), and I am positive I bred Absol, Zangoose, the three starters, Electrike, among many other pokemon.

I'd just leave Castform in the daycare, and just swap the other pokemon

Unless... this was a glitch, and I never realised