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Im playing Pokemon soulsilver and I reached Pallet Town to get to Cinnabar island.
But the problem is I cant surf on the water there.
I tried everything but it still does not work.
Someone please help me, why cant I surf in Pallet Town?

What is the message that appears when you surf, if any? Are you sure you have a Pokemon with Surf in your party? Have you tried clicking the Pokemon in your party and selecting the Surf option?

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If you already reached that part in SoulSilver, this means you already have access to HM Surf. Here are some possibilities.

  • You don't have a Pokemon in your Party that knows Surf.

  • Even if you have a Pokemon in your Party that learns Surf, it may be because you went to the move deleter and deleted it.

  • You didn't press the A Button while facing the water even if you have a Pokemon that have Surf as a move.

  • You didn't click your Pokemon that knows Surf in your Party and selecting the Surf option. (What Indigo said in the comments)

  • You don't have the Gym Badge that allows you to Surf and you may have cheated all the way to where you are currently.

  • You don't have the HM Surf. You may have skipped the part where an old man gives you Surf after beating he Rocket Grunt in Ecruteak City dance theater. Like I said before, you cheated all the way without having Surf.

  • There may be just a small glitch. Maybe if you reset your game, it will work.

You should provide more information about your game and whether you are playing on an Emulator or DS. I will try to edit the anwser to a better one to help you.

This is what the game will say when you press A facing the water having a Pokemon that learns Surf and having the Gym Badge.

The water is a deep blue...
Would you like to surf on it?

Source : Testing out myself on my game.