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I went to go to Cinnibar Island but it's blocked and the workmen say go to Pallet Town. But all the routes are blocked. I can't go west from Cerulean, and there's a guy blocking the route from the pokemon league.


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I had the same problem. You need to go through Diglett's Cave, next to Vermilion City. If you haven't got the Snorlax out the way, use the radio and tune it to the PokeFlute (click near the top of the tuner dial).

Defeat or capture Snorlax then you can go through the tunnel to Pewter City, and go south from there.

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Well, you have to come from Viridian city. You can get there by getting the part and returning it to the generator. Then, go to Lavender town and going into the radio tower there. Then talking to the gentlemen. He'll upgrade your poke-gear's radio with the poke-flute. Then, go to Diglett's cave, which is right of Vermillion city and play the poke-flute by the Snorlax and talk to him. The Snorlax will attack and I would reccomend catching it as it is at lvl 50. Go through Diglett's cave with a pokemon that know's cut. When you come out of the cave, cut down the tree. If you want to go to Pewter City go north. To Viridian city go south through Viridian forest.