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So, I picked Popplio, and happily, got it evolved into Primarina, yes I have the Primarina Z, before I got to the ghost trial.

I can take out, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. When it's the moment to use the poke-finder, with a Scald on all of them.

My current team is, Primarina, Toucannon, Sylveon, Decidueye, Incineroar and Haunter. Their levels are decent, in the thirties, or, well, almost in the thirties.

I am not as low leveled now.

I have lots of trouble with Mimikyu, and it's play rough move.

Is my team fine? Do I need to switch out someone? More potions, revives, etc?

Does anyone have a strategy for me?

{ Main problem, Mimikyu, and strategies to avoid it. }

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Alright, Arcanine and Toucannon are your biggest assets here. Next would be Gastly (but fully evolved into Gengar), Primarina, Cottonee, and Sylveon. I'll explain how each would be useful, as well as some general tips:

If your Arcanine has Intimidate then Mimikyu will be significantly easier because all of Mimikyu's attacks are physical. Fire Fang is your best move, because of its chance to Burn. A Burned Mimikyu is a dead Mimikyu. Alternatively, Fire Blast can be used for lots of power, or Will-o-Wisp for direct Burns. (Please note, I don't remember when you get the Will-o-Wisp TM in game, so you might not have it yet.) Also remember that Mimikyu has a Lum Berry, so you'll have to status it twice.

Not only is Toucannon immune to Shadow Claw, it has two moves that are very good at combatting Mimikyu. The first is Pluck. Pluck lets you both break Disguise and steal Mimikyu's Lum Berry. Next is Beak Blast. The way Beak Blast works is, if the opponent makes contact on the turn you use it, they get a Burn. This is perfect because the only move Mimikyu can damage you with, Play Rough, is a contact move! Even if it KOs Toucannon it will still get burned, and if not, it gets dealt a hefty blow by Beak Blast. Plus, if you've already used Pluck, its Lum Berry is gone, so the Burn will stick!

Shadow Balls from a Gengar (or even Haunter) will dent Mimikyu, even if you only get one off before being KOd.

Primarina has several good assets. First, she's bulky enough to probably take a Shadow Claw or Play Rough. Second, she has some good moves at her disposal. Baby-Doll Eyes is a priority move that lowers Mimikyu's Attack. Sing lets you buy some time — if you're lucky, and if Lum Berry is gone. Encore locks Mimikyu into Mimic or Pain Split. She also learns Shadow Ball, but I don't know if you have access to this TM yet. Finally, a Oceanic Operatta will do a lot of damage to Mimikyu, maybe even KOing it, and giving Primarina a Mystic Water will make it even more lethal. I do, however, have one important disclaimer. Do not use Sparkling Aria on Mimikyu if Mimikyu is Burned. It will lose the burn and go back to wrecking your face.

Really only useful if it knows Baby-Doll Eyes.

Cottonee should only be used if it has Prankster. Prankster lets you use Toxic, Stun Spore, Charm, or even Leech Seed on Mimikyu before it can strike. If Cottonee does not have Prankster, then only use it as a sacrifice for reviving a teammate.

Other Advice
Stock up on Hyper Potions and Revives, just in case. Make Mimikyu your priority, but remember that Haunter and Gengar can still do a lot of damage with Shadow Ball or disrupt your plans with Hypnosis. I would recommend getting all of your Pokémon up to or around Mimikyu's level — 32 or 33. And finally, don't be discouraged if it takes you a few tries to beat the Totem. Lurantis took me 5 or 6 tries. Just keep persevering!

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So far, It always used Play Rough and Shadow Claw. What I do is use either a Dual-Type Steel Pokemon (preferably Alolan Digglett) to resist Play Rough, and to use Sand Attack to lower its accuracy. Another Pokemon to have on your team is Eevee. No joke. Eevee can learn Shadow Ball through TM, and if you Evolvite it, it will be immune to Shadow Claw and is attacked regularly by Play Rough, plus the Evolvite defense boost. Crobat can be used to resist Play Rough move, AND it can outspeed Mimikyu. Crobat's best move is Aerobics (Gladion keeps spamming it whenever I battle him). A Magneton can resist Play Rough also, and it can use Magnet Bomb with Steelium-Z, a very useful move. Tauros and/or Milktank outspeed Mimikyu AND is immune to Shadow Claw, so Play Rough has a higher chance to miss. But the actual way I defeated Mimikyu was using a sacrifice to break Mimikyu's desiguise, and sent out my Decidueye. I somehow OHKOed it using Shadow Ball, and Haunter/Gengar was easy to defeat. Fairy types attack regularly on Ghost types and Vice-Versa (a tip since most of your current team is Fairy). You can also use Toucannon since it is immune to Shadow Claw and resisted to Play Rough with pluck and then burn (in that order; Mimikyu has a Lum Berry). You can also give Primarina TM 30, or Shadow Ball.

Hope this helps! A lot of research and time went into this!

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What I would do is, if your Arcinine has Bite, it'll help with Mimikyu's help. Then use Primirina against Mimikyu

I'll check to see, thanks, but hopefully I can get more people, with more strategies. Thanks for now, though.
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Defeat Mimikyu's disguise and nuke it with oceanic operetta; Mimikyu will summon unlimited Haunters and Gengars otherwise. And about Play Rough, how much damage does it do? Does it OHKO, 2HKO, or 3HKO+? Are you faster? If it OHKOs everything, use one Pokemon that is faster than it to break disguise, when it faints, switch into primarina and Oceanic Operetta it. I Also recommend giving a Z-Crystal to all your Pokemon, so you can select the best Z move to use. Mimikyu itself is weak to Steel and Ghost type moves, so spam those if this strategy does not work.

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Mimikyu has a weaker defense compared to its special defense. You may hit it with STAB physical attacks to wear it down or use status conditions like paralysis/poison/burn if you have (after the lum berry ofcourse).