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I plan on training my team up to somewhere around level 45 before I head over to the Whirl Islands. It needs to be a place that I can access before catching Lugia or beating the Elite Four.

Btw I know there's already a few questions about training in HGSS, but the answers on those basically only mention things you can only do after beating the game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
What level are your Pokemon now? I always remember pre-E4 training in HGSS being really tedious.
Iirc, four of my team members are level 39-40, and the other two are only level 15.
You can just repeatedly challenge the Elite Four until your Pokemon are strong enough. Even if you can't beat them, it's still faster than doing it with wild Pokemon.
I can't challenge the Elite Four before I go off to battle Lugia.
And I'm doing a Nuzlocke run, so I'd rather not train against the Elite Four. If my team gets destroyed, I'd have to get six new Pokemon from the box and train those up instead...or break the Nuzlocke rules. I'd rather not do either of those.
Battle Tauros up by the Safari Zone. They give the most EXP and are fairly common.

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Well, there are a variety of good ways to get experience but I feel like the best option for you is Trainer Rematches. I specifically mention this choice because all trainer rematches start out at lower levels, which will suit your lower level Pokemon; as you continue beating these trainers, their Pokemon will become stronger the following week you rematch them. It will also benefit you in the future as all the trainers will be level 50ish once you've rematched them a few times, which will be helpful when you need to destroy the Kanto leaders.

And be careful not to instigate a battle with a powerful trainer... some trainers can start out with a Level 39 Pokemon and then come out with a Level 46 Pokemon which won't be fun for you.

Hope I helped. :)
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Trainer rematches seem perfect. Thank you!