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Is it possible to breed down the move "Happy Hour" from Snorlax?
PS: Happy Hour move came with the event Munchlax untill jan. 11 2017.

Bulbapedia says no, so I'm pretty sure no.
Typically event exclusive moves (such as Sing on Pikachu) can't be passed down through breeding, so I'd assume that it's not possible.

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The only Pokemon that are able to learn Happy Hour can only learn it through 'special means', therefore it would be impossible for offspring of any species to inherit the move Happy Hour.

Hope I helped. :)

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Thank you very much :) And yes it helped out a lot :)
Luckely I didn't remove it! nor the hold back just in case :)
So i'll use that snorlax to farm noney with just good to know :)