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The Magearna event is a QR Code so it never ends (NOTE: you have to beat the E4 and Kukui before using the code).

As for the Munchlax + Snorlium Z event, it already ended on January 11th. Sorry that you missed it.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks. I can't believe I missed the Munchlax event - I even preordered the game (Moon)...  :(  What I really wanted was the Snorlium Z crystal.
Even getting a Snorlaxium Z via GTS wouldn't work though, as you also need to have the key item in your inventory in order for Z crystals to work.
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Magerna: No, and it never will!
Munchlax: Yes. It passed by 2 months ago.


he could gts it
I was saying Magearna event will never pass.