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This doesn't include Mega evolved Pokemon or Alolan forms of Pokemon but every Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Marshadow.

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How about Alolan forms?

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I included some other random statistics because why not.

Mega Evolutions excluded, the average BST is 425.1092.

  • The average HP stat is 68.86.
  • The average Attack stat is 76.86.
  • The average Defense stat is 72.32.
  • The average Sp. Attack stat is 70.
  • The average Sp. Defense stat is 70.4.
  • The average Speed stat is 66.6.
  • The average stat is 70.85.

And with Mega Evolutions included, the average BST is 436.1197 and the average stat is 72.69.

Hope I helped. :)
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What is average stat?
The average stat of a Pokemon species is BST / 6.
425.1092 / 6 = 70.85.