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The berries currently unobtainable are:
- Razz Berry
- Nanab Berry
- Wepear Berry
- Cornn Berry
- Magost Berry
- Rabuta Berry
- Nomel Berry
- Spelon Berry
- Pamtre Berry
- Watmel Berry
- Durin Berry
- Belue Berry
- Lansat Berry
- Starf Berry
- Enigma Berry
- Micle Berry
- Custap Berry
- Jaboca Berry
- Rowap Berry

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you are wrong on a couple of these,
-Bluk Berry - Obtainable at thrifty megamart
-Pinap Berry - Obtainable at thrifty megamart

But apart from those two, you were right.
Dang, sorry... I was going off of the berry tree list. I'll update the list accordingly, thanks for pointing it out!
no problem, I'll let you know if i find any of the others in Alola.