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A random guy challenged me to a ubers match, then rematch me in custom game and told me to use my uber team. But then, what the heck is happening?? What is custom game?


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As far as I can tell, this is a Hackamons Battle. If you look closely, the Pokemon are level 9999, which is impossible without hacking. He also has a Shiny Buzzwole that knows Sheer Cold and a Greninja which knows explosion, which are unobtainable. I also believe that a custom battle is where the host makes the rules. That explains the level 9999 Pokemon, illegal moves, and the shiny Buzzwole.

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This is so weird lol
Did you beat him in the first match? If so, I would say he had a stick up his Apple hole and needed to stroke his ego for one battle
Yeah, I beat him in the first match, then he rematch me.