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Role: supportive sweeper
nature: Modest
EVS: 4 def 252 S.atk 252 Speed

Bug Buzz(STAB)
Energy Ball(Coverage)
Sleep Powder/Stun Spore(Works well with Compoundeyes)

does this bug have potential

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i think this is clear and yes aslong as you treat it good look at the coment below the first answer for more info hope this helps

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Not at all, because when you set up Tailwind, the opponent can easily switch into a Firel/Rock Type and Rip through your Butterfree. So I suggest Baton Passing Speed to Butterfree than getting the speed yourself. So replace Tailwind with something useful for Butterfree. So my answer is definately no. Hope this helps..

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not always i have a butterfree that is a awesome fighter so it depends on how you treat it how long you have had it and you need to train it and bug buzz is a pain if your hit by it so if you have a butterfree and it askes should your butterfree lean bug buzz say yes  and butterfree can be a good pokemon hope this helps bye