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Why does it resemble Delphox? Or is it supposed to look like a Pokeball?

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The bottom part is obviously a Poke ball, but nobody (other than the designers) knows about the top part.
I doubt that Original Color Magearna was intended to resemble Delphox at all. Other than the color scheme, I don't see any other ways (That aren't obvious coincidences, such as Magearna having "Mage" at the beginning of its name and Delphox being based on a witch/wizard.) that Magearna and Delphox could be related at all.

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it doesn't that much, and it was probably unintentional. we got 800 Pokemon, you can expect a few to have a similar color scheme.

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It's actually resembling a pokeball, but now that you think about it, it really does look like delphox

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