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Well the Kalos starters are meant to be based on Knights (Chesnaught somehow), a Mage (Delphox) and a Rogue (Greninja).
I was wondering if there is any more Pokemon that can also be classified like this.
Eg. Gallade and Aegislash both fill the Knight role very well.

Eg. Gardevoir and Mismagius fill the Mage role well.

Probably most dark types fit the rogue role... Maybe Honchkrow and Absol (bit far fetched I know)

Just wondered if there is any more I missed? I want to try to make a team using Pokemon that fall into these three categories.
You can mention legendaries, but I severely doubt any will fill these categories.
Also, I already know the Kalos starters fit each category... Apart from Chesnaught being a knight that is.

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That's a very good idea actually. I mean he does fight with swords, and the steel typing BUT I'm not a sure looking at his Dex entry.
yes i agree here with IGS
How about the Gen 6 starters (they are mostly based on the warrior/knight, wizard/mage, and thief/rogue)):
Chesnaught (Knight)
Delphox (Mage)
Greninja (Rogue)
Weren't those literally the examples on the Question?
Yes, all i saw were Mage, Knight, and Rogue. :|

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Some of these are a little Farfetch'd, but these would be my suggestions:

Knights: Armaldo, Lucario, Samurott, Escavalier, Bisharp, Kabutops, Scyther/Scizor

Mages: Lilligant, Gothitelle, Medicham, Gardevoir, Shiftry, Xatu, Mr. Mime,

Rogues: Crawdaunt, Weavile, Accelgor, Ninjask,