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I have spent a LOT of hours putting this together as a free tool for fellow Pokemon players, but I'm not sure what else I should add to it that would make it even more useful. I've added everything that's been suggested to me so far, but there is probably more I can do. What am I missing?


It uses Microsoft's Silverlight browser plug-in.


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You've put together something really amazing here. It's incrediably useful for sorting to find whatever you want. I only have a few suggestions. One, in the upper right hand corner, I don't think that all of those ways to sort the information are useful. They are a little confusing because you can't see the line that divides different categories, which makes them impractical (I'm looking at it sorted by ability, but I have no clue what the abilities are. Are they in alphibetical order?) The only really useful sorts on there are national dex number and the ones pertaining to stats because you can't really see where the categories seperate for the rest of it. Another thing, I would have the type search have the "either this type or that type" and a type seach that had "types" and you check two, because frankly, it's somewhat inconvinient as in gameplay it doesn't matter if the pokemon is one way or another. Anyways, it's truly amazing.

I'll have to see if there is a way to change what shows up in that upper corner.  You might try in the upper corner clicking on the one that looks like bars instead of squares as that groups them differently and might solve your problem.  When in the squares view it does do it alphabetically.  I'm somewhat limited by the Pivot Collection itself in what I can do.  For example, it only allows the "or" sorting, not "and" in each filter category, which is why I made 3 different type filters.  

I'm not sure what you mean in the last couple sentences about what you want the type search to do.  The way the pivot program does each filter is say you click in the Main Type Fire, you get all the main type Fire ones.  But if you also click Water, you get all the main type Fire ones, and all the main type Water ones.  I added the 3rd Either Type filter because say you wanted a Steel type, but didn't care if it was main or secondary, if you do Steel in main, you can't see the ones that are Steel as secondary because it filters them out, so you'd have to do each search separate and that isn't too useful.
I added some more categories, including what HM's each Pokemon can use, and what attacks each Pokemon is strong against and weak against.
Update:  What you said in your second paragraph of your first comment adresses the last few sentences of my response.  I just didn't realize quite how it worked.  Maybe add a 'help' tab just to help users get the hang of it ;)
I added the EV's in now too.