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Question is pretty self explanatory. The only one I know so far is Raichu. Could someone please tell me if there are any other viable mons that are fast, knows fake-out and can switch out with U-turn, Flip-turn or volt switch?

Galar would be preferrable, but mons from previous gens are fine too... Just make sure to include at least one from Galar.

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Mienshao, U-turn and Baton Pass (105 Speed)
Persian, U-turn (105 Speed)
Persian-Alola, U-turn and Parting Shot (105 Speed)
Lopunny, U-turn and Baton Pass (105 Speed)
Liepard, U-turn and Baton Pass (106 Speed)
Zeraora, Volt Switch (143 Speed)

These are the only options that are above 100 base speed that have Fake Out and a pivoting move besides Raichu. (at least in Galar dex)

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and if anyone was wondering, Ambipom, Purugly, and Infernape are the only others that meet this criterea and aren't in Sword and Shield