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so I was looking at the synopsis of the newest Pokemon episode in japan on serebii, and saw someone named calem on the character list with a bounsweet, but it didn't say mallow, so I'm just wondering if it was a typo, or...

looking at serebii, I saw it had something for mallow AND calem, so the mystery deepens

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calem is your rival from x and y (male)
Well we never saw Calem in the XY anime, so we can't be sure that he even exists like Brandon, Lucas, and the hero/heroine from BW and BW2
i know, but this makes it seem like kalos and alola are merging
should i just hide this?
The only way I see kalos and alola merging are perfect zygarde and ash Greninja going to alola from kalos, in the games. But the anime, not so much (aside from when dawn and cynthia visited ash in unova and ash meeting Clair again in the decalore islands)
but should i just hide this, since it is just causing confusion?
i also have another conspiracy theory. just look at the unanswered part section of pokebase. it is a headache
How do you know if it's the Calem from XY?
My guess is that there's just some random dude named Calem in those episodes.
i searched calem pokemon on google, and only got the xy duder
I watched the subbed version of Detective Rotom episode on Youtube, and I haven't seen Calem at all. It was horror watching it because the Rotomdex was the main character but I'll rewatch it later.

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Of course not! Everyone makes mistakes and Serebii's photo and link to Calem on that site was deleted so No.

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but it had lots of things saying that...
also, it still says CALEMS bounsweet, and says it is seen in episode 961