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One of the first things I try to work out about a new region is which Pokemon will be Team Rockets...I personally think Mimikyu and Dhelmise/Alolan Marowak! What do you guys think?

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I think CoroCoro confirmed that James would have Bewear and Jessie would have Mimikyu, but as of now that's all we know. Usually they only catch 1-2 Pokémon each, plus Wobuffet.
I'd love if we got James to have a Wishiwashi. It'd be so cool to see it go school form on Ash and the gang lol.
that would be pretty funny once you think about it Crystal Clod

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It has been confirmed

James: Mareanie
Jessie: Mimikyu and Wobbuffet

Bewear isn't a Pokemon that is owned, similarly to Meowth.

I think James also gets Salandit/Gumshoos

I'm not good at guessing but I'm certain Meowth is gonna meet Alolan meowth for a fun outcome :)

Here's my answer :)

Also there is a TCG Set (Ash vs Team rocket) Where Team Rocket owns a Bruxish

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Well at least I got Mimikyu correct :) Thanks anyway!
team rocket hasn't got bewear
james gets mareanie, and team rocket owns a bewear like they own wobbuffet