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It has something to do with having very good stats and being able to hold whatever item it wants.
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also Delta Stream makes super effective attacks less effective which is important, and Rayquaza already resists a bunch of other moves
To put it in short:

760 base stats, super powerful flying move which is difficult to find resists for, powerful priority making up for faster but frailer threats, 180/180 makes it a mixed wallbreaker so nothing can switch into it more than once and it's combination of ability and typing gives it many good resists without fearing it's several weaknesses. All of this and it still gets to hold whatever item it wants.
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that should be an answer PX!

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Well First of all, what makes it so uber is, it does not need a mega stone! it just needs the move dragon ascent! you can put any item on it! leftovers, life orb, focus slash! And it's mega ability is sick! delta stream gets rid of all of its flying type weakness! that is why it is banned it's basically more powerful than uber!

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You completely forgot about both dragon dance and extreme speed.