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In a nutshell, it was highly ubusable in the Doubles, as it had relatively good accuracy for a sleep-inducing move (having the second highest accuracy, second only to Spore) as well as hitting both opponents and having no Pokemon immune to it, unlike Spore with Grass types. The biggest offender of this was Smeargle in VGC- it could utilize Dark Void and the unlimited amount of support moves it had access to to be a major nuisance and was extremely reliable at putting at least one Pokemon at the start of the match to sleep if it as one of the first two Pokemon out. GameFreak probably decided that this was too broken or un-competitive of a move, so they nerfed its accuracy and took it away from Smeargle by only allowing Darkrai to use it. To be honest, I don't know why they had to nerf the accuracy, as taking it away from Smeargle would've been enough to stop it from abusing Dark Void so badly in VGC. Maybe they considered it too broken of a move overall.

It's such a shame, because it's supposed to be Darkrai's signature move. If anything, they should've made it more accurate. I hate it when they make changes that weaken Pokémon moves or abilities. Now Dark Void isn't special anymore...
So you're saying you want the game to be more unplayable and less fun? Because Doubles would have had just that happen to it if Dark Void got buffed instead of nerfed.
Idk how that would make it "unplayable and less fun" - only Darkrai can use the move and he's a rare legendary. Not everyone has him. I just believe they didn't need to essentially punish Darkrai in order to make Doubles easier or whatever.
They could have just made dark void fail when used by Smeargle and banned Darkrai in all official formats.
I agree with the Smeargle idea. But some Pokémon can't be put to sleep and I'd be OK with the accuracy being 75/80/85%...but certainly not lower than Sing or Hypnosis!