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on guzzlord's pokédex page there's a normal and shiny sprite but I mean can you obtain a shiny guzzlord through simply soft reseting your 3DS (& NO NOT!! A 3DS Emulator) & battling and capturing it in the wild at Resolution Cave or no?

(i've already caught a guzzlord so but i'm just curious)

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Guzzlord is shiny locked, so no. Every legendary and UB in gen 7 is shiny locked now. It's a thing they have started to do more and more. But there is going to be a shiny Tapu Koko event in Japan, or it's already happened. So maybe there will be shiny UB events.

Shiny locked Pokemon

WHAAAAAT!? What idiots! This is one of the most fun things you could possibly do in the game! What am I gonna use my Master Ball on!? I wanted to finally do this in this game!
Necrozma is currently the hardest pokemon to catch in pokemon sun and moon, so that is what you really have to use your master ball on.
was hoping i could catch it as a shiny in the wild but well at least its good to know yu can't ;(
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In USUM (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon), you can catch shiny guzzlord in the white ultra wormholes.