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The options are Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, & Iron Head, while the other 3 are Moves Knock Off, Outrage, & Earthquake. I'm kinda leaning towards Iron Head since it's the only outta the 3 that has a base damage that's not totally dependent on the opposing Pokemon being a lot faster or lighter respectively.

What format are you playing? In NU, Guzzlord is better knowing four special moves because it has a better special movepool. In other formats, Guzzlord isn't good no matter what.
Not doing any particular format, and I already have a Specs Guzzlord. Have to disagree - Guzzlord's physical Movepool is larger. Aside from Hidden Power, what other noteworthy special Moves besides Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Sludge Wave, & Fire Blast does it have?
It can only know four moves at a time, so what else does it need other than draco meteor, dark pulse, sludge wave, and fire blast? And despite its physical movepool being larger, physical Guzzlord doesn't get any good fire attacks, so it can't cover ice, bug, and steel at the same time.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Guzzlord also learn Iron Tail?
So what if it does? Does iron tail 1HKO or 2HKO anything that iron head doesn't?

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Iron Head is the best move for a physical Guzzlord. It does not depend on anything except stat boosts/drops, which you can easily get rid of by switching out or using a move that resets all stat changes. It usually always has a decent amount of power (unless the Pokemon resists it a lot), unlike the other choices. It also has a chance to flinch the opponent, which is always useful (but then again..Guzzlord's really slow so I doubt you'll ever flinch a Pokemon anyways. But, this still does not make Gyro Ball the better move because some Pokemon are really slow or have mediocre speed, so it wouldn't deal that much damage).

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