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In regards to this question, "What is the average level of every Pokémon used by gym leaders in every region?", I'm curious as to what the average level of the Pokémon that are battled during Trials and Kahuna battles really are.

What would be the average level of every Pokémon, not including SOS encounters within Trials, used in said Trials and Kahuna battles?

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Totem Raticate or Gumshoos (Lvl 12) / SOS: Rattata or Yungoos (Lvl 11)
AVG: 11.5
Totem Wishwashi (Lvl 20) / SOS: Alomomola, Wishiwashi (all Lvl 18)
AVG: 18.66
Totem Salazzle (Lvl 22) / SOS: Salandit (Lvl 20)
AVG: 21
Totem Lurantis (Lvl 24) / SOS: Trumbeak and Castform (Sunny) (all Lvl 22)
AVG: 22.66
Totem Vikavolt (Lvl 29) / SOS: Charjabug (Lvl 27)
AVG: 28
Totem Mimikyu (Lvl 33) / SOS: Haunter and Gengar (all Lvl 27)
AVG: 29
Totem Kommo-o (Lvl 45) / SOS: Hakamo-o and Scizor (all Lvl 32)
AVG: 36.33

Hala Kahuna Battle: Mankey (Lvl 14), Makuhita (Lvl 14), and Crabrawler (Lvl 15)
AVG: 14.33
Olivia Kahuna Battle: Nosepass (Lvl 26), Boldore (Lvl 26), and Lycanroc (Midnight) (Lvl 27)
AVG: 26.33
Nanu Kahuna Battle: Sableye (Lvl 38), Krokorok (Lvl 38), and Alolan Persian (Lvl 39)
AVG: 38.33
Hapu Kahuna Battle: Dugtrio (Lvl 47), Gastrodon (Lvl 47), Flygon (Lvl 47), and Mudsdale (Lvl 48)
AVG: 47.25

Trial Capt. Ilima Rematch: Gumshoos (Lvl 15) and Smeargle (Lvl 14)
AVG: 14.5
TrialCapt. Lana Rematch: Chinchou (Lvl 26), Shellder (Lvl 26), and Araquanid (Lvl 27)
AVG: 26.33
Trial Capt. Kiawe Rematch: Growlithe (Lvl 26), Fletchinder (Lvl 26), and Alolan Marowak (Lvl 27)
AVG: 26.33
Trial Capt. Mallow Rematch: Phantump (Lvl 26), Shiinotic (Lvl 26), and Steenee (Lvl 27)
AVG: 26.33
Trial Capt. Sophocles Rematch (E4 Title): Togedemaru, Magnezone, Electivire, Vikavolt, and Alolan Golem (all Lvl 61)
AVG: 61
Trial Capt. Acerola Rematch: Sableye, Drifblim, Dhelmise, Froslass, and Palossand (all Lvl 63)
AVG: 63
Trial Capt. Mina Rematch: Klekfi, Granbull, Shiinotic, Wigglytuff, and Ribombee (all Lvl 61)
AVG: 61

Totems AVG: 167.1666666666667 / 7 = 23.88095238095238 or 24
Kahuna AVG: 126.25 / 4 = 31.5625 or 32
Trial Capt. Rematches AVG: 278.5 / 7 = 39.78571428571428 or 40


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Chronological Order

Ilima: Totem Pokemon (Gumshoos in Sun, Raticate in Moon) is level 12, so I'd expect the regular Pokemon to be around 9 or 10.

Hala: Mankey, lv. 14. Makuhita, lv. 14. Crawbawler, lv. 15

Lana: Totem Pokemon (Wishiwashi) is level 20, so regular Pokemon 16-19

Kiawe: Totem Pokemon (Salazzle) is level 22, so regular Pokemon 18-21

Mallow: Totem Pokemon (Lurantis) is level 24, so regular Pokemon 20-23

Olivia: Nosepass, lv. 26. Boldore, lv. 26. Lycanroc (Midnight Form), lv. 27.

Sophocles: Totem Pokemon (Vikavolt) is level 29, so regular Pokemon 25-28

Acerola:Totem Pokemon (Mimikyu) is level 33, so regular Pokemon 29-32

Nanu: Sableye, lv. 38. Krokorok, lv. 38. Persian, lv. 39.

Hapu: Dugtrio, lv. 47. Gastrodon, lv. 47. Flygon, lv. 47. Mudsdale, lv. 48

Kommo-o: Totem Pokemon (Kommo-o) is lv. 45, so regular Pokemon 41-44

This might not be 100% accurate, but I think it's pretty close.
All Pokemon listed are in their Alolan forms, if applicable

Source: http://bulbahandbook.bulbagarden.net/pokemonsunmoon/guide/island-challenges

From what I can tell, this answer never says what the average level of the Pokemon used in Trials and Kahuna battles
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The average level for all 21 Pokemon would be 30, or more precisely, 29.6666666667.
All of the levels are:
14, 14, 15, 26, 26, 27, 38, 38, 39, 47, 47, 47, and 48 for all of the kahunas, and
12, 12, 20, 22, 24, 29, 33, and 45 for all of the totem Pokemon.

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Average totem Pokemon level: 26 (counting Gumshoos and Raticate as one Pokemon)
Average Pokemon level in Kahuna battles: 33
There were a lot of sources and I was too lazy to list them all, but you can ask for a specific piece of information and I'll give you the link.

Did you count minion Pokémon like Yungoos? The question says to leave out SOS calls, but is mum on other non-Totem Pokémon.
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Sumwun, what about trail captain rematches?
Turns out the average is exactly 47 with no remainders.
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