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Ok so, recently I asked if there is a better way to get a Weavile in SM without Jangmo-o. And when I read the first answer I thought: "The easiest way is to transfer from my other games, ok!" then I realized, I only have 1 ds, aka my 2ds. So I was just searching for my dog's leash when I found my DSI with my long-lost-Pearl-game. So I decided to get a Weavile there then transfer. But I don't know how to transfer without Pokebank. Anyone?

The only way to transfer without PokéBank is to trade link trade Weavile to a friend who has PokéBank, then have him trade it back to you.
I have no money.
as far as I know if you don't have any money or friends with money you cannot get your weavile past gen 5

you can still get weaviles through evolving sneasels in su/mo I think
Did you even read my last question?
I forgot to mention! I don't have B/W/B2/W2
If you don't have B/W or B2/W2 and Pokebank, you can't transfer Pokemon from Gen 4 to Gen 6 or 7.

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There is currently no way to transfer Pokemon from Generation 5 to Generation 6 without Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank. Otherwise, the transfer-chain goes like this:

Gen 3 (using DS or DS Lite) -Pal Park->
Gen 4 (using 2 DS consoles) -PokeTransfer Lab->
Gen 5 (using a 2DS, 3DS, or New! 3DS) -Pokemon Transporter [note that this also requires Pokemon Bank]->
Gen6 (using a 2DS, 3DS, or New! 3DS) -Pokemon Bank->
Gen 7

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