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Just wanted to get a few Pokemon of mine from the ultra games like my starter but don't exactly know how. I have only transferred from the let's go games so any ways to get it?

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p sure this is a repeat of another question, I remember seeing one like this before
There probably is, but I couldn't find any
and also, you spell version "veersion"
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This is fine. It asks *how* to do it, not whether it's possible. The isn't the same question as yours either @Gmax, dupe questions need to be exactly the same.
We'll remove questions asking which transfers are possible due to https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/233293 but again, that's not what this is.

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To transfer your USUM Pokemon to Sword/Shield, you have to transfer your USUM Pokemon to bank, then Bank from Home, then right to Gen 8. I'm pretty sure there's no way around transferring Gen 7 Pokemon to Gen 8 without bank. You'll need Pokemon Home's Premium Membership to be able to transfer Pokemon from Bank to Home


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You need to pay to use Bank, and pay in Home to be able to connect to Bank

Right, I should've brought that up
how do I get bank?
You have to buy bank off the 3DS e-shop